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My husband recently went through a road block after leaving work (playing music in a bar.) He was honest and said he’d been drinking, even though he waited for a while and had not had that much to drink. He blew .07 over the legal limit. He went to jail for 14 hours. We paid a lot of money and got the charge dropped to reckless driving. This was six months ago and our insurance premium has only gone down (good grades and homeowner’s insurance with same company.) We are afraid to ask the insurance company for fear that they might not know. 1. Will that info get sent to them automatically? 2. Is there danger that our bill will go up if we speak to them about it? 3. What percentage might the bill go up once they do find out? We are looking to buy a new car soon, so we can’t avoid speaking to the insurance company about it forever!
My husband and I have dealt with enough punishment and judgement. He had to deal with me, and I’ve had to deal with the bills. Our blood alcohol limit here is bizarre, although I do not agree with driving after having even one drink. He is a very responsible person, and this was a one-time ordeal. He has learned a lot from his DUI classes, and he has changed a lot of things in his life due to this incident. We spent over $ 8,000 total on this situation. Please do not assume that he is a bad person and please do not pass judgement, just answer the question. There are rules to Answers, and answering a question just to voice your personal opinion does not fall within the guidelines. Everyone makes mistakes, I am simply asking a question to find out if we have to deal with even more consequences than we have already endured. Thank you for your time.

2 Thoughts on Will a reckless driving ticket affect an insurance premium in Georgia?
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    Queen B
    July 10, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    next time your company runs his DMV reports they will find it. they normally do this at renewal. If you have an agent, call him. He will not assess the points but can run your mvr and see if it shows up.

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    carl f
    July 10, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    if he is a drink driver he should get what we brits here get …a 12 month driving ban …up to a $ 4000 fine and or a 12 month prison sentance…your husband is irresponsible…drink driving is wrong …how he got off with a reckless driving ticket is beyond me…yes your insurance will go up ..also by not telling your insurers that he has commited a driving offence you are breaking the law ..bye

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