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After 8 long and utterly painful years, the nightmare of divorce continues and has led to my complete financial ruin, irreparable harm to my career and most important, I’ve been deprived of any semblance of a relationship with my children. I readily admit I contributed to the demise of the marriage however my ex-wife has used every tool at her disposal to squeeze every drop of blood from the stone and that includes her own children. Over and over again, she would manufacture a crisis accusing me of everything untrue from abuse to drug addiction and then move the kids in the middle because she knew my love for them was enough that I would capitulate to her to save the kids. Most notable was her coercing my then 14 year old twin sons to aide her in burglarizing my apartment and stealing the last $ 40,000 of assets I owned. Six months later, charged with 5 felonies I thought finally she would be held accountable for her terrible deeds however the prosecutor informed me that my children were prepared to overturn their previous testimony and state that they acted alone. The prosecutor asked if I’d take a deal to save my children from lying in court. I asked for only my property to be returned. My ex-wife refused ANY deal and once again I rolled over to protect my boys.

Divorced the same month in December of 2006, I lost my job as senior technologist for the business. My divorce required me to pay $ 2540/mo in combined support. My ex-wife declared I was voluntarily unemployed and a labor lawyer said that it would be difficult and costly to fight. I was unemployed and the terms of divorce left me nothing therefore I was in desperate financial shape. I then learned that the VA Dept. of Child Support Enforcement can modify support. I called many times. I wrote letters. I received no response. Soon my bank accounts were seized for back support forcing me to be evicted. I was forced to move in with my parents. 49 years old and living with mommy and daddy. Humiliating.

Finally I got a good job in CA but it too lasted on 6 months since the economy caused the company to shutdown the division I was hired into. The day I was let go, I again called the VA DCSE and after several tries finally spoke with the case worker who told me what to do to modify support. I complied and I waited as I again lived with my parents to try to recover my life. After 9 months (last December) in the eleventh hour of the process when I fully expected to have my support finally modified by the court, I was informed by the case worker that she transferred my case to PA (current state of residence) and therefore my review process was terminated. Incredible! Unbelievable! Since had the support been modified properly it would have been retroactive to the date my ex-wife was served (March) therefore the transfer cost me $ 2540/mo for every month since March of last year. In February I marched into the DCSE office and demanded I speak with a manager which I did. He was shocked at what happened and I felt I finally had a sympathetic ear. He told me what to do in court since I can’t afford an attorney. I have been trying hard to navigate the legal system that is hopelessly biased against me.

This week I went to a hearing to temporarily modify support in advance of the hearing on the entire petition scheduled for September. I was shocked when the DCSE lawyer requested a trial and clearly was gearing up to fight me. The DCSE’s abject failure to process my reviews and requests for support, first in 2007 when they simply ignored me, and then in 2009 when they transferred my case. The DCSE has done everything to PREVENT me from supporting my children.

Today my credit is impugned with a Child Support Lien of over $ 80,000 as well as bankruptcy that occurred finally in 2008. Since credit scores are used today as a filter on new applications I can’t get a job at the gas station (I tried!). Maybe bagging groceries or other parolee oriented positions.

The damage to me is almost incalculable. I am a former executive office of public companies and today i can’t get a job at a gas station due to abysmal credit. I’ve been unemployed 2.5 of the last 3 years and will never aspire to the same level where I was a 6-figure wage earner since 1989 and former gazillionaire with stock prior to the 2002 crash. I have a new wife who remains in Europe waiting for me to solve the problems so we could be reunited. My ex-wife continues to withhold my court ordered custody. And she gets away with everything because the entire system is so bloody biased against me. I paid and paid and paid for the sake of my children and now the system is a willing accomplice to her campaign of destruction.

Our constitution guarantees us the fundamental rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that these rights cannot be deprived without due process. Where was my due process?!? My life is in shambles and pursuit of happiness impossible. So who

4 Thoughts on Who is accountable when government bias and misuse of power destroys lives? LONG AND COMPLEX BUT PLEASE HELP!?
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    Millions of Peaches
    August 14, 2011 at 12:42 am

    Dude, you should read Noam Chomsky’s “Prospects For Democracy” I think you’ll agree with a lot of what he has to say.

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    August 14, 2011 at 12:53 am

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    August 14, 2011 at 12:55 am

    Problems like yours aren’t solved because no one can make money from it. This goes for things like homelessness, hunger, and unemployment.

    Unfortunately human society is so broken that none of these problems will be solved until we have an entirely new social system.

    Go to Google, and type in “Zeitgeist: Addendum”, and then watch it. It should make you feel better. It’s a lot like getting unplugged from The Matrix.

    (Don’t watch “Zeitgeist: The Movie” the creator, and many of the viewers will tell you Addendum is the one you need to see.)

    I’m very sorry for your loss, and can only imagine what you must be going through. But at least you exist. That’s pretty cool isn’t it?

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    August 14, 2011 at 1:54 am

    The judicial system is not biased against you. It is an adversarial system in which litigants oppose each other. You have not effectively opposed anything.

    1. Your ex refused a deal, and you rolled over. That was your choice. Not a good choice.
    2. Lawyer said it would be difficult and costly. Once again, you chose not to take on that fight.
    3. You expect the DCSE office to advocate your interest. They are the ones who have taken on the responsibility to oppose you. But you have not fought them; you asked for their help. You seem shocked that they are gearing up to fight you, but that is their job…to make you prove up your case.

    Until you understand that the system is adversarial, you are at a big disadvantage. You have due process rights, but you must assert them. If you are expert in the law, you can handle this yourself. If you lack that expertise, consult a lawyer. But do not expect anyone else to fight your fight. Because you did not assert your interests eight years ago or since, the problem is much bigger and more complex. To dig yourself out will not be simple or inexpensive. If you are serious about this, fight the fight that is necessary. If you are not serious about this, wait for good luck or for others to look out for your interests or for the tooth fairy, and you should continue to see the same results you have seen in these past eight years.

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