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I have been at Wal-mart in Electronics dept. for 6 months. I am paid $ 7.80/hr. I can only work 25 hrs. until I am 18. Then I can switch to however many hours I want. I work 5 days a week there. I am quite happy with it. I get 8.80/hr on Sunday, and double pay on holidays. I received a job offer from the local library. It pays $ 8.76 as a starting point. I can only work 18 hrs/week. I will only have to work 3 days a week. Wouldn’t work holidays so no extra pay. I fear the Wal-mart job is more interesting than library. But the library is a job for the local gov. Wal-mart also offers a 10% discount, and the guarantee that I can transfer to any Wal-mart in US if I move away.
I want to have a job for as long as I want. Both jobs will let me do that. I can not work both jobs, because I am an Ambassador for my college, and I will not have time for it anymore. I also will have a lot less time to study. I am not concerned with any health insurance or anything like that for either job.
I am 17, I have been in college for 1 yr. and will continue to do so. I will be transferring to a uni in spring 09. I want to be a doctor. I have a 4.00 GPA. I am taking Cal II, Org. Chem I, and College Physics I in the fall.
What should I do?

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    Elizabeth C
    August 16, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Personally, I’d stick with Wal-mart. You’ll shop for for sure anyway..10% discount is good.You’ll be working there more.More money. And as for helping out the local government..Forget that. When your a’ll be helping people that need it

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    August 16, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Look at the Pros and Cons of each job.


    Don’t they offer tuition reimbursement?
    You get a 10 % discount
    Earn extra money on Sunday and Holidays
    If you move, you can transfer
    You make about $ 780/month gross depending on how many hrs you work on Sundays.

    Local Library:

    You’ll lose about $ 149.28/ month working here
    Since you’ll be working a fewer amount of hours, you’ll have more time to study.
    With all the information you gave me, this is the only thing I can think about!

    If I where in your shoes, I would go stay with Walmart, with only 25 hrs a week, that should give you plenty of time to study. Walmart is a good company to work for and you never know, when you turn 18, you might become eligible for a promotion. Keep working hard and it will pay off.

    Stick it out, jobs come and go, but right now jobs are getting scarce, and I think you are safe with Walmart.

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