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which type of insurance would i need to protect my stuff from accidents? I have ALOT of electronics and such in my home, and recently i took in some family. (mostly small children). They seem to be careless and energetic, and i just want to protect my stuff. Alot of these things i dont have reciepts for, so I was just wondering if homeowners insurance covered these types of things.

Oh, and i dont need like flood n all that stuff. I would prefer not to get coverage for like flood, or my actual house. just on my stuff.

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    Yogi Bear
    September 1, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Most companies offer it under the contents insurance as an option called accidental damage. This will usually cover items within the home although you can extend it to outside the home too. eg dropping your camera in the sea whilst abroad. the more options you include to cover this the more your premium will go up. Also you will need to check whether this applies to all items or whether you have to declare any items of high value such as jewelry, big TV’s, Home PC’s etc.

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    September 1, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    With most homeowners policies – contents coverage is a named peril coverage. That means, in order for their to be coverage for the item- the cause of the damage has to be listed in the policy. Covered perils include things like: fire, lighting, theft, etc. There is no peril for “accidental damage”.

    I do not know of any endorsement that can be purchased to cover “accidental damage” to your stuff.

    Some items can be covered under an Inland Marine policy (a “floater”). This is usually endorsed onto your standard homeowners coverage. Usually you see this for jewelry or 4 wheelers. I have seen a $ 900 camera endorsed. You have to list each specific item and pay premium for each item. Most companies will only put specific classes of property on a floater.

    Therefore, I suggest you put it up where the kids can’t reach it.

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