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My husband and I will be looking to rent or buy a single family home in Queretaro by 2011. We will be a young family with one young child – middle to upper income. Please guide me as to where the best places are to live. So far, we have been told Tejeda, Pueblito and Juriqilla…thoughts?

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    November 26, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    I live in Querétaro

    I think you chose the best city in the country, its very relaxing and peaceful; but its extremely hot and sunny since April to September. The city is not very big.

    You can rent or buy houses in Querétaro like in Galindas; or you can rent in the historic center but ist too crowded an full of cars and a little bit noisy.

    Juriquilla is an external part of Querétaro as well as Jurica. They are a little bit isolated but nice.

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