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I have a friend who would like to install a wind generator for electricity, but the local power company will not let him connect to the power grid unless he can show that he has a million dollars insurance. Well, he cannot find any company that offers that type of insurance for any price. He has written to everyone he can think of but still no source of insurance. The reason he wants to connect to the power grid is to use it as his storage system so that he doesn’t have to maintain a whole bank of storage batterys. Does anyone know where he can get this type of insurance for a system that will be in the state of Texas?

2 Thoughts on Where can you buy insurance for connecting to the power grid with a wind generator in Texas?
  1. LadyGrey21
    August 15, 2011 at 6:32 am

    Call your electric company; the folk you would have had to call anyway to get connected & let them know that you would like a reverse meter so that they can measure how much energy that you are back feeding. There is specific wiring for this that has to be approved through your county anyway & it is a safety feature for people working on the lines after a storm so you don’t inadvertantly electrocute a lineman who is trying to restore power around you. They will no doubt have the answers that you need or can advise you on where to look for the insurance. The way that you do a million dollar insurance policy is called an UMBRELLA POLICY on the homeowner’s. That isn’t hard. It is a property insurance that goes above what the homeowner’s insurance carries. The UMBRELLA coverage is a catastrophic event coverage that is called secondary insurance. It isn’t even very expensive as it covers after everything else has been exhausted first. Go to yahoo & google Umbrella insurance & then if that doesn’t work, look at commercial insurance companies in your area. I know that CNA which is a HUGE insurance company, they write in Texas & may be able to write your friend the policy that he needs. I hope this helps. I used to do underwriting assistance for them & I helped insure folk in Texas in particular.

  2. shfincter S
    August 15, 2011 at 6:33 am

    Sounds like someone is trying to make him go away.
    Talk to the local utility company. There are certain standards for the quality of the power that can be added to the grid. Once you prove that the equipment you have is up to those standards, you then need several pieces of safety equipment, including a reverse power relay and an automatic transfer switch that will disconnect from the grid in case of a power outage. You also need to stay “in phase” with the grid. I would think that the manufacturer of the wind generator would have experience with all of the above. If not, I wouldn’t bother.

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