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i’m canadian and have NEVER had to worry about health care in my life. dont even think about it to be honest. i know when i’m sick i can walk into any hospital, clinic, doctors office and receive all treatment in a timely fashion. i’ve never waited more than a couple hours in a hospital emergency room. i’ve spent a lot of time in them having a complicated pregnancy and premature child.

the US is spending almost 16% its GDP. per-capita spending is heading towards $ 7000. for many years the US has spent more on health care as a percentage of GDP than any other country. it’s expected to reach 20% by 2016. even though they spend almost 2x as much as France and almost 2.5x as much as Britian, they do considererably worse on basic measures of health care. like life expectancy and infant mortalitly rates (average life expectancy for a canadian is 80 years compared to 78 years of the average american). live longer and burry less babies, sounds horrible huh? being born into a household without insurance increases probalbility of death before age 1 by about 50%! THAT’S EFFED UP PEOPLE!!! heads: you’re safe, tails: your baby is dead. toss a coin. Malaysia with an average income of 1/4 that of the US has acheived the same infant mortalitly rate.

i just wanna know what the big deal is? and why people are so against social health care? makes me think most americans are EXTREMELY selfish to be honest.

okay kyle, but you like seeing other people’s babies die?

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    June 23, 2011 at 5:11 am

    Here in the States, we don’t like the government
    making our personal decisions.
    In memory of Patrick Henry, “Liberty is still more
    important than life.”

    Currently, Obama is more concerned with immortality
    than the voice of people.

    He needn’t worry. Come November, he will be

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    Patriotic Troll
    June 23, 2011 at 5:26 am

    There’s Still Time To Act. What Are You Waiting For?

    Don’t believe Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi when you hear them saying they’ve got the votes to pass their monstrosity of a health care reform bill.

    So call them. Call ALL of them on the target list below.

    Call their district offices first, then call their Capitol Hill offices.

    Be polite, but be firm. Ask them to please vote to kill the bill.

    Send them back to the drawing board, to put together health care reform we can ALL support.

    Because there’s NO interest more special than YOURS.

    Call These Congressmen and Congresswomen TODAY:


    US Representative District Office Capitol Hill Office

    Adler, John (732) 608-7235 (202) 225-4765
    Altmire, Jason (724) 378-0928 (202) 225-2565
    Baird, Brian (360) 352-9768 (202) 225-3536
    Berry, Marion (870) 972-4600 (202) 225-4076
    Boucher, Rick (540) 628-1145 (202) 225-3861
    Carney, Christopher (570) 585-9988 (202) 225-3731
    Chandler, Ben (859) 219-1366 (202) 225-4706
    Dahlkemper, Kathy (814) 456-2038 (202) 225-5406
    Driehaus, Steve (513) 684-2723 (202) 225-2216
    Ellsworth, Brad (812) 465-6484 (202) 225-4636
    Foster, Bill (630) 406-1114 (202) 225-2976
    Giffords, Gabrielle (520) 881-3588 (202) 225-2542
    Gordon, Bart (615) 896-1986 (202) 225-4231
    Hill, Baron (812) 336-3000 (202) 225-5315
    Kilroy, Mary Jo (614) 294-2196 (202) 225-2015
    Murphy, Patrick (215) 826-1963 (202) 225-4276
    Nye, Glenn (757) 789-5092 (202) 225-4215
    Perriello, Tom (434) 293-9631 (202) 225-4711
    Pomeroy, Earl (701) 235-9760 (202) 225-2611
    Salazar, John (719) 543-8200 (202) 225-4761
    Schauer, Mark (517) 780-9075 (202) 225-6276
    Space, Zack (740) 779-1636 (202) 225-6265
    Teague, Harry (575) 622-4178 (202) 225-2365
    Wilson, Charlie (740) 533-9423 (202) 225-5705

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    June 23, 2011 at 6:25 am


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