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after calculating, me and wife can afford a 250k home with 3% down, our credit is average, mine being a 670 and hers being a 730, my brother is willing to help cosign too and his score is 690 not sure if its needed or not, but where would i go to get a mortgage? whats the best place, and easiest? my whole issue is that i want to be able to get the loan because of everything that has been going on, i can afford it, of course i have to eat noodles for at least 2 years haha but me and wife want to have our own place, i live in los angeles if that helps, thanks!
yeah, i can show income, i make 35k a year, my brother cant show income, but he has long credit, my wife makes 33k a year. we have 1 car payment and some credit card bills, all of our credit cards are under 45% hope this helps
I need to add that i work at a bank, they said they can give me no points, i just pay the closing cost, but what i was going to do was what ever offer i put in, i would tell the seller to put 10k into the closing cost, is that reasonable or am is it wishful thinking? would that be a benefit for me? how much do loan agents/ mortgage brokers usually charge? and how would i be paying?

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    Apple Girl
    July 30, 2012 at 10:23 am

    I came across a few websites on mortgage loan, you can just use them as references:

    My advice is : evaluate and research thoroughly before you decide anything, look at more options and please don’t place yourself in huge debt.

    However, after you get your loan, instead of eating noodles, perhaps you can think of how to find more income then!

    Good Luck.

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