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I’m looking for something new and innovative for a team of around 20 people within two hours of London. We’ve done most activities commonly on offer and whatever we choose needs to have tangible team building benefits as well as be enjoyable.

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    June 7, 2013 at 8:29 am

    I went to a leadership class one time. The most interesting thing that they did was a trust walk. You match in pairs and it would really be interesting if it was people from different parts of the company or adversaries. One is blindfolded and the other takes the person around for a period of time. Then they reverse their roles. It was interesting to hear the comments afterwords as we discussed the effects. To some people it was life changing. To others it was a nice experience. What it was, was a simple, cheap, character building, wall breaking experience for many. One man did not trust women. Who picks him – a woman. He spend the time waiting to get hurt. Nothing bad happened and they parted. He was having trouble with his wife and decided to address the issue as soon as he got home. If the wife did not listen, he was going to find his partner. Many others had lesser effects even me.

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