1 Thought on What kind of bussines can I start with 10 000 euro?
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    Founder, MastersoEquity.com
    March 20, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    If you are asking this question now, then you are definitely not ready to start ANY kind of business with that money.

    No successful investor or businessman start out by asking what business they can do with a certain amount of money.

    All successful investor or businessman know what they must do to make the kind of money they want and then find ways to source for the money needed for that venture.

    So it all starts from knowing what works first, what you are passionate about… etc…

    You might want to read great books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or “Retire Young, Retire Rich” to get into the right mindset, to know what really works, know what you really want, then you are ready to start.

    Without knowledge and education in investment and business, you are not likely to be successful. In fact, you are very likely to lose all that 10,000 very quickly and possibly get into debt.

    Some common trait of a successful businessman are :

    1. Honesty.

    Being honest to each other is the most important trait for success as it will ensure lasting customer relationships, lasting business to business relationship and lasting business to Government relationship. (if you know what I mean. )

    2. Persistence.

    Society is very unforgiving. You will fail many times before you succeed and if you give up along the way, you will never reach it. Remember, the big shot is really the little shot that kept on shooting.

    3. Dynamism.

    You need to be dynamic, fast and innovative in today’s competitive market. You not only need to get ahead but you need to get ahead with ever newer and better products and services to count.

    4. Passion.

    You need a burning passion for what you have chosen to do and be able to spread that spark of fire and burn the minds and hearts of everyone you need along the way.

    5. Clear About Your Chosen Path.

    Choosing to do something simply because it makes money is not good enough to ensure long term success.

    6. Knowledgable.

    This does not refer to your academic certificates but rather to your personal level of knowledge about your chosen industry. An entrepreneur needs to initially be a master of his trade while building the business before he can take a step back. Knowledge is power. Knowledge in all fields of business is necessary to take you ahead… marketing, products, supply, management etc…

    7. Healthy Self Esteem.

    You need to have a healthy self esteem and self believe. A bad self image only takes you on the wrong path with all the wrong actions and words when the going gets really rough.

    8. Attractive Personality.

    You need to be a people’s person. Your charm must be able to shine in all situations and turn rough situations into cheers with your mere words and actions.

    9. Understand money.

    Read Rich Dad Poor Dad series.

    10. Have a love for writing business plans.

    Write and rewrite your plans clearly, daily until it works.

    After you understand every of the above, then you are ready to start.

    Read about how I retired young and rich at 28 years old at http://www.mastersoequity.com/

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