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We are trying to sell our home by owner. Our next door neighbor sold his home within 2 weeks with an agent at about 10,000 dollars lower than his asking price. Our home is younger than his and a bit smaller. However, we have more upgrades such as marble flooring and hardwood and stained grade mouldings and trim. The home is in move in condition. We are pricing our home at $ 10,000 lower than our neighbor’s asking price and expecting to negotiate. Also, we have welcomed Buyer’s Agents and offered them a commission. We have advertized on with slides and a virtual tour) the New York Times on line, Yahoo Real Estae (both linked to and local and out of county papers. Over 20 people have come for a walk through. We have had about 25 broker’s come also. The lot and home are in excellent condition!

4 Thoughts on What is the best way to market your home successfully on your own?
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    Nelson K
    June 23, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    Word of motuh, tell all your friend and have them tell all their friends. Nothing will get your home sold fatser then telling and showing everyone you can.

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    June 23, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    Try a few classiffieds


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    thomas p
    June 23, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    I am a realtor and a loan officer.
    In my area I work with fsbos by offering to prequlify any of the people that make an offer on the house they sell.It is the most important part of selling a home.A unqulified buyer can tie up yopur home in contract for a long time and you can in essense lose money .especially in a down turning market.Of course I would suggest not trying to sell it yourself as many times I find they end up going with me anyway because I did try to help them qualifying the prospects.Good luck and I wish you sucess it will take quite a bit of work and it is possible you may have good results.Dont be dissappointed though if it doesnt work out lots of people try .You will notice tons of brokers trying to get your business its normal.Just make sure you have a loan officer prequalify them as a condition to entering into contract. Fell free to go to the site below and use the finance calculators and information provided. You can download some information and also request a free E-book to aid you in selling your home.just a tip dont be afraid to offend anyone by asking for a prequalification letter prior to showing them your home.Send them to the loan officer to get prequalifed it is a free service and takes twenty minutes.If they are serious about buying a home they will comply. You are not opening your home to entertain the masses. You will also be doing them a service even if they decide not to buy your home becuase at some point and time they will need the letter. You as the seller must stay in control.This is one more reason agents are hired to be a buffer. It can be done and I encourage you to try for yourself.At the very least you will have satisfied your own curiousity. It amazes me how many buyers do not know how to buy a home either.They will see a sign and get all excited call the number and want to be shown the house with out even knowing how many baths beds or any of the criteria that is important to them. With the price of fuel and our dependence on foreign oil, they should make it a law that any homes shown require a prequal letter. But thats only in a perfect world. Buyer agents represent the buyer and are not supposed to negotiate with you directly for a commission.The agency fees can be requested as part of the negotiation by the buyer in the offer. You can refuse or pay the agency fee.But the buyer is ultimatly responsible for the agency fees. Keep in mind that even though the buyer agent gets paid out of the proceeds you can not disclose any confidential infomation to him such as the lowest price you will take,He or she works for the buyer and must disclose this to them.At the same time keeping confidentiality for the buyer.He provides many services to the buyer,negotiating the best price for the client,recommending inspections, using all his expertise and knowledge in the buyers best interest,not yours.You are putting your self up against a seasoned Agent.They still must be honest and ethical with you and can not mislead you however keep in mind they do not work for you even if you end up paying them or agree to.
    Cheers :o)

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    islam anan
    June 23, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    buy this book (zig zigler secrets of closing the sales) its very specified in this u can sell even your nighbor after u read it also here is a tip; can u numerate all the the things u actually do in your house and enjoy write it it will be ur selling points

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