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I need a way to accept credit cards for my business. I run a fence repair business and need a way to accept credit cards on the go, from my cell phone or a mobile device. Im looking for the BEST, CHEAPEST credit card payment service.

2 Thoughts on what is the best credit card merchant?
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    August 19, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    I use” square “ther are no fees only when a transaction is processed and Its only 2.75% which is not bad plus they send you the credit card swiper for free ….I’ve used it on my iPad and iPhone if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad I believe I’ve seen the square app on the android market ….good luck”…………………

    People don’t know what there talking about .Do yourself a favor and check out ————————–WWW.SQUAREUP.COM ———– it’s exactly what your looking for

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    Calvin C
    August 19, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    They all suck and lie. Besides monthly minimum fees, the fee per charge varies depending on the type of card the customer uses. You pay for any rewards. There is also a new tax fee for online security that everyone has to pay. As much as I do not like to say this paypal would allow you accept cards and know what the costs is as they have a very straight forward system. Quite frankly what make you think you need to accept cards. I own restaurants convenience stores with gas and I have never accepted cards or checks and have not found it a problem at all. Cards mean more business but they also mean higher insurance due to more business, fees, more labor and labor related costs. The station I bought and dump CC the sales dropped about 22% but the net profit was up over 15%. On gas of course I need 12.5 gallons sold to break even and 95% of sales loose money.

    edit: must admit the squared up looks interesting. Site claims very simple and straight forward I would want to hear from more using it to recommend. Thanks for the education 🙂

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