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I am a first time home buyer and here are the steps what I have finished so far and my closing is in 2 weeks. Let me know if I am missing something or should take care of something before and during closing.

1. got a pre-approval from some mortgage broker
2. looked for a realtor
3. looked at a home
4. went into contract with a property i am buying
5. negotiated a price
6. agreed on price
7. did a home inspection
8. some things were not working but came out good
9. my attorney(referred by my realtor) had send the seller the list
of things to fix
10. I started looking out for another home mortgage broker
11. lender who had agreed and gave me a rate (GFE & TIL)
12. Lender did home appraisal
13. My financing went through yesterday
14. will be going to the property next week and make sure they
fixed what we asked for

After this do I need to do something or be prepared for something for my closing ?

Anything I should be asking my lender or seller before closing ?

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    Beverly S
    July 18, 2011 at 12:02 am

    When you say your financing went through yesterday, do you mean it’s approved- clear to close? If so then you are just waiting for closing. They should call you to tell you exactly how much to bring to closing soon- and giving you the time & place.

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    July 18, 2011 at 12:53 am

    I am assuming you received a mortgage commitment from lender when you say financing went through. READ it carefully and see what it is contingent on. What still has to happen, be provided, etc.
    Need insurance on property for benefit of you AND your lender. Need paid policy NOT binder in most states.
    Do walk-through of property 1-2 days BEFORE closing, after current occupants are gone.
    Arrange for utilities to be in your name for closing date.
    Arrange for mail to be forwarded to new address starting day after closing.
    Find exact dollar amount of check you bring to closing in cashiers or certified funds 1-5 days prior to closing.
    TALK to your attorney!!!

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    July 18, 2011 at 1:16 am

    Lookl like you are on your way to signing documents in the title company’s office. Anything you have to have disclosed to you now, you have to talk to the realtor (that’s his/her job).

    This will be the last time to inspect and double iinspect the property. Turn it upside down and look for something that you would not want to have before you move in. Do it quickly before signing the deed at the Title Company. Make sure all the holes are patched, lights are all working, roof not leaking, no rapist in the neighborhood that they know about, no ghost roaming around the house at night sometimes day, etc.

    Make sure the kind of loan is what you’ve ask for. (Not ARM for five years). And if you so you sign for this, make sure you are sure that you can pay your monthly dues on time and know that you are heading to refinancing after several years.

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