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So my mother and I are planning a trip to Barcelona Spain. I worked and earned my money loast summer but my mother cannot afford to go .She cant work because she had cancer and no one will hire her because it preexsisting condition. And if she does find a job that would accept her she wont have any insurance and if the cancer comes back she wont qualify for medicaid.
She is in remission which is good but is there any ideas where she can earn some money like cleaning houses any suggestions would help.
I wanted to plan this trip for her so it would cheer her up from those horrible years of chemo she has gone through so any help is appreciated.

1 Thought on what is an easy ways to earn money fast under the table other then being employed?
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    April 13, 2014 at 12:04 am

    Sorry about your mom.I hope she feels better.
    Try this web site it might help.

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