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Hi, I have been using comcast for 14 months now…I have ALWAYS paid my bill on time and in full….money has been kind of tight this last month…and my bill is due tommorow…my bill is $ 125 but I will only have $ 70 and make a partial payment…I am going to pay the rest in a couple weeks…what will happen?? I always pay my bills on time so I’m already “freaking out” and im 21 and have a a credit score of 720…is this going to affect my credit?? Will there be late fee’s?? how much?? lol…anyways again this is comcast…thanks =)

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    October 23, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    Have you considered dropping some services to get the amount down. $ 125 seems like a hell of a lot. You must have every channel they carry.

    Or is this one of the triple play deals? Regardless, it’s time to cut back.

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