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. La Perla de amazonas January 2002 – Present Manager, Santa Ana, CA Dates • Tasks, training staff, developing new sales techniques • Advantages: consistency turnover by 99% • Improved feedback first client in months • As a manager consistently met or exceeded expectations in sales … • Won first prize for the management of mortgage stehen.Stonefield • September 5 to August 7 lead Lake Forest, CALoan Agent / Business to Business Development • Motivate sales team to achieve maximum efficiency maximized. • Monitor sales pipeline team excellence. • coaching and training my team on the lender programs and new products. • Ensuring that all loans meet regulatory requirements, an individual tracking and team performance. • work recruiting mortgage professionals in an environment very fast. • The relationships established within a defined area, covered each other with brokers Irvine, developers, insurance brokers, business tax preparation. • op sales team for 12 months. • n

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    Walter J
    April 30, 2011 at 12:48 am

    You need to proof it. There shouldn’t be a single mistake on a resume. Yours has lots and they are distracting.

    The dates don’t make sense. You were at LaPerla from 2002 to the present, yet you were with Stonefield from 2005-2007. Seems to me one of those sets of dates is wrong. Are you sure it’s not LaPerla from 2002 to 9/2005?

    Some of your bullets are in the past tense; others aren’t. You say “monitor sales team” and then later “established relationships”. Why the different tenses?

    Some words that should be capitalized are not.

    Your qualifications look good, but if you make sloppy mistakes on a resume, I wouldn’t hire you.

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