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I wrote a rant for my creative writing class, and I was hoping to get some opinions on it and maybe a few tips or corrections if i’ve made any mistakes on it. Thanks!

Many times have I seen a man under a bridge, while we all pass him by as if he’s not even there, even while he begs and pleads for help, a site not worth seeing, but seen by every eye and discarded as if unimportant, as if poverty was no problem at all, everyone has a home, and food to fill our empty stomachs, but nevertheless this is not the case, each man is guilty of feeding this crime, just spare a nickel, how hard can this be, or must we save every last penny for ourselves while the homeless go hungry, and the rich grow fatter, and a child on the street goes one more night without food in his tummy, a problem gone unsolved as it always has, a problem not worth to be solved in the eyes of many but shunned and tossed aside like every other problem we wish not to acknowledge, while buying and selling and helping ourselves, we can’t find the time to look up and see everyone else in need, sleeping in our expensive beds with thick blankets while the homeless sleep on the sidewalk in a flimsy bag, cold and hungry and unable to sleep for the pain caused by poverty, and the pain caused by us as a group, unable to recognize the problem, unable to treat the problem, mainly because of our lack of effort, along with a lack of passion and understanding, our headphones in our ears listening to our music, shutting out each and every problem that approaches us as we walk the same ground that people starve on, until a hungry man blocks our path, and we continue along, lost in a state of bliss, leaving our footprints on his back, it’s a shame, the self indulgence we continue to portray, how wrapped up in ourselves we are, but what is it that makes us this way, is it our own achievement that satisfies our need to help, or is it pride that blinds us to the ever growing problem of poverty, we pass a man with no home and think to ourselves, “that could be me,” and we are right, it very well could have been us, now think, what if it was you, you in the place of that man with a sign that reads “Anything helps,” people would pass you by, and the sense of failure would make itself known, and the people would go on with their lives, care free and satisfied with themselves, but at the same time, a child approaches, hungry and cold, and the country goes ballistic, we see a child begging for money and oh how we empty our wallets for him, and here is a man, begging for money, and we are afraid to look at him, afraid to lend a hand, afraid to stain our clothes with the food we gorge ourselves on, look up from your meal and look at this man, this man with a ripped shirt and cracked smile, and tell me that for this man in need, in need of a meal, in need of some clothes, and in need of some help, we can’t spare a nickel.

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    August 3, 2011 at 12:23 am

    lovely very nicely said

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    August 3, 2011 at 12:23 am

    One star for you! 🙂

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