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I am relocating to a yet undetermined location. I will most likely be buying new, if the area is affordable. I don’t want a bum builder. I am currently searching the web for info, but
personal experiences are especially helpful. Thank you.

2 Thoughts on What are your experiences with good home builders, or bad home builders.?
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    nate s.
    June 9, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Many builders will fall way behind schedule and blame it on inspections and stuff. But if they did it right the first time they wouldnt be behind now would they? Plus they charge you for they time wasted.

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    June 9, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    old construction is always better than new, but if you insist:

    before you bother to look at any developments, get the names of the builders. call the better business bureau and state’s attorney office of fraud. find out how many years the builder has been using his business name. find out if any complaints were lodged against him and how he settled them. try to learn (but it’s hard to do this) what other names he used in the past. you may need to hire a private investigator, but maybe not.

    usually builders have one “model” that everyone wants to buy because the decoration is top notch, but of course, that is not for sale. they usually have only one real estate salesman too.

    don’t use that salesman! go to a brokerage office and ask to speak to a FEMALE real estate agent that isn’t the trillion buck producer (won’t have any time to listen well to your needs and wants, then not drag you all over the place just so you might buy what she never listened to you say you did not want), because, sorry guys, most of the time, females are best at selling HOUSES.

    so long as she can explain AGENCY to you, meaning how she will PROTECT you, your negotiating tactics, your timing, how much money you will spend even if you make a lower offer, etc., as well as what she would do if she had both listed a house and you wanted to buy it (dual agency, really tough), put her under contract at no cost to you as your buyer broker!

    make sure that she understands how houses are built and what materials are used. you yourself should do some research on building materials. why? so that if you have a choice, you can SPECIFY which will be used how. e.g., if you can have real 2 X 4s hold up your floors instead of particle board (spaced properly, close together), get that. that way your floors won’t begin to slope within 3 years. etc. you need to learn what to get on “spec.” will you pay for the higher grade of cabinetry, for example? what grades does the builder offer?

    can you talk to people that purchased houses from that builder? find out how. those that have lived in them for more than 5 years are best. then ask them to speak to the neighbors in the same development that bought both before them and after them. get as much you can on personal referral. don’t call, go look at them in the eyes.

    i wish you a lot of good luck!

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