1 Thought on What are the pros and cons of Town home and Single Family home?
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    Simpson G
    November 16, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    single family homes:
    You aren’t sharing walls
    You have more control over the property

    More expensive
    More upkeep

    Much of the exterior maintenance/landscaping is included in HOA dues
    Potentially cheaper
    Amenities of the subdivision – many townhouse subdivisions have pools, clubhouses, recreation areas

    Common walls
    Small property size
    HOA dues
    Strict HOA rules
    Less control over your exterior
    Doesn’t increase in value as much
    Potential problems with connected walls – a fire in the unit next to you will more easily spread to your unit. A plumbing problem in their unit could flood your unit. A pest problem in their unit could invade your unit.

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