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I work in an insurance company as a receptionist. We need new auto policy, which makes it difficult to attract new customers who get in trouble auto policy. I just need a few suggestions on what I can do to create new business opportunities in our office and share some of these ideas with my boss. I look forward to some helpful replies. Thank you very much!

2 Thoughts on What are the marketing strategies that I get to share with my boss on new car insurance?
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    December 11, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    you can offer people a bonus check for every time period your customer doesnt have an accident

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    Karma of the Poodle
    December 11, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    I work for an insurance company as well, an agent, and what we do is go through all the non auto policies we have where we don’t have their auto or homeowners. If we have their home and don’t have their auto, they would be missing out on a huge discount and vice versa. Even Tenants policies (renters insurance) is useful. Also, going to your local car dealers, new or used, and leaving some information with the sales manager about your office, it’s location, and the coverages you offer, especially for those that may be hard to insure, will be good start as well. Leave them a few pens or note pads that have your office logo on them, a few business cards or coupons for a local eatery or cafe, with a brochure of what your company offers.
    In most states, it is illegal to offer “prizes” or “gifts” to customers for signing with your company or for even giving referrals. Drawings are ok in some states as in “Every time you give a referral you get to put your name in the pot for a drawing for …….” some states have a limit on what you can spend to give away such as $ 50 or $ 100 gift certificates. Check with your agent or state insurance commission if what you wish to do is acceptable by law.
    Also, to keep your “pay on time” customers happy offer them a candy bar or a free soda for just coming in and paying on time (must be before or on date). That will encourage them to talk to their friends too.
    We recently did a “hot dog” give away to our customers for referring 100 new policies in under 60 days. We posted a “contest to our clients” about helping us with obtaining new autos with a referral contest.
    Good luck

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