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For washington mutual? These are the accounts I need to find out the interest rates for. Thanks for your help!

•Checking accounts-
•Savings accounts
•Money market deposit accounts (MMDA, or MMA)
•Certificates of deposit
•Money market mutual funds
•Automobile Loans
•30-Year Fixed Mortgage
•15-Year Fixed Mortgage
•U.S. Treasury bills
•U.S. Series EE bonds

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    May 14, 2011 at 2:17 am

    Be careful with WAMU cd’s.
    When they expire they must receive a letter from you within 7 days that you do not want to reinvest the money at the new lower rate for another year.

    If they do not get this in writing, you forfeit 6 months interest if you want your money. This should be illegal, but banks are somehow getting away with it — for now.

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