2 Thoughts on What are the duties of a transaction coordinator assistant ?
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    Ed Atun
    February 1, 2014 at 5:22 am

    In real estate, the coordinator writes down all parties to the transaction. Call the title company, mortgage company, the other real estate office. Order the termite inspection. Order the other inspections. Monitor the progress of the loan and the escrow. Check that any contingencies are removed. Open the house for the appraiser.

    The coordinator allows the realty agent to concentrate on getting “new” business.

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    Christine Matus
    February 1, 2014 at 5:41 am

    I am an independant transaction coordinator. I do everything needed from the point of contract signing to the closing table. There are over 100 tasks including customer service to the buyer or seller. I’ve hired assistants over the years and have found that unless the assistant has a working knowledge of real estate transactions it never works out. There is only so much data entry and filing. They would need to be able to calculate dates (by understanding the contract) and have excellent communication skills written and verbal to follow up. You should find out all you can about the real estate transaction process in your state and learn all the terms used. You have always stay professional- no matter how any other person behaves, be willing to always take the blame no matter who’s fault it is. A high lever of customer service is expected to everyone you deal with. When it comes to buyers and sellers you must understand this is the biggest investment in most peoples lives, never down play concerns- always listen. People are usually very stressed and you need to be the calm in the storm. This is not a job this is a career path and if you just looking for a job something else might be a better fit.
    Good luck

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