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We have some questions to ask them, but was wanting to know if anyone else might have others that we haven’t thought of? And if anyone else has had experience with this, and what are your thoughts? Good or bad?
We are the ones doing the buying, and we have absolutely NO INTENTION of “leaving him holding the bag” We just want to own our own home…and if we could get a loan thru the bank, we would, but circumstances happen…you know?

1 Thought on We are thinking about owner financing a home. Any questions to ask them would be appreciated!?
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    July 30, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    If you are the one doing the financing, then you should get a very large down payment, such as $ 5,000.00 or so, BECAUSE the owner is ususally left holding the bag after the buyer disappears, and have to foreclose against the buyers, which is very expensive.

    You should do a credit check on potential buyers.

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