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My fiance and I (getting married this week) have some debt that we are working toward paying off. We should have it completely gone in 1.5 years, and plan on purchasing a home at that time.

As of right now, we have about $ 1000/month that is left-over money that we put toward debt.

My fiance does not want to even think about having a baby until we are 100% debt free besides cars and a home.

Is this realistic, or is the old saying true? If you wait until you are “ready” and financially “set”, will you end up never having kids?

If you think being out of debt is the answer, does anyone have advice on how to get there?


4 Thoughts on Waiting for Debt Free Life Before Having Kids?
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    August 11, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    Your fiance is rite. What your doing now is good.
    Coupons, saving change, and cooking meals at home are all good ways to save money.
    Try taking up a part time job perhaps, or taking extra shifts at work.
    Kids will put you in debt, but if you are in debt already then you will NEVER recover.
    Do whats best for your family and wait 🙂


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    August 12, 2011 at 12:23 am

    it sounds like a worthwhile goal but these days it’s doubtful many folks will be able to afford kids anymore. even if you do pay off your debts nothing will put you back into debt faster than kids will. maybe you should give up on any plans for kids? that goes not only for you but for most folks today. the economy’s tanking and it’s not coming back. there’s no recovery in sight.

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    Glow in the Dark
    August 12, 2011 at 12:36 am

    If you can be debt free in 1.5 years(that will go by Fast), you won’t regret it.
    Less stress means more time Enjoying your kids instead struggling in debt, and tension in your marriage. Your fiance sounds like a wise man.

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    Kate Gossel
    August 12, 2011 at 1:33 am

    Yes, your fiancé is right about waiting, take how much money you think it will take to raise kids, then multiply that times ten.
    I had a surprise pregnancy after I was told I couldn’t have any more kids. I was so nervous and so was my husband, he was more like freaking out.
    There was an amazing sale on diapers at our local store and when I was pregnant, we bought out the entire store’s inventory of diapers. I’m talking hundreds of dollars and over a thousand diapers.
    I remember that sense of relief I had, as my husband folded his arms with joy, while looking at a whole wall of diaper boxes stacked.
    He figured that the diapers would at least last 7 months or so, we bought two different sizes, since I knew she was going to be a small baby.
    Anyway, she was sick non-stop and had issues with the milk, she pretty much had diarrhea every day, let’s just say that wall full of diapers lasted three months.
    My husband talks about that to this day 17 years later. You can’t even begin to imagine the cost that is involved caring for children. Then because she had severe allergies to milk, we had to pay out of our pocket the cost of a special formula that was $ 20 per can and she needed 6 of those per day.
    Just the toys alone are expensive and you never stop buying stacks and stacks of clothes. There is formula, diapers, toys, car seats, strollers, and you have to replace them, as the child gets older.
    Daycare, private school, the cost of school fees, sleepovers, birthday parties, presents for their friends’ birthdays, then they have to buy presents for your family member’s birthdays, they have to bring things to school treats and things, Christmas presents for their friends and family members every year, dance and sports lessons, music lessons, shoes are a killer constantly buying them. The cost of a pet, training, shots, and supplies, Driver’s Ed, a car, a bicycle, roller skates, video games or a computer for them to learn with. Don’t even think about braces.
    All of the things I mention are for a healthy child, and not one that has physical or mental disabilities, you can times the amount times a hundred for that.
    Of course, I am not trying to scare you into never having a child, but since you don’t have one yet and you are one of the few people that actually are planning, just be aware of the numbers. Having a child is one of the greatest things on this earth.
    If you force your husband to have a child prematurely then he could be resentful towards the child and you don’t want that. Make him promise you that if you get the bills paid off then he will lovingly and willingly agree to have a baby in a set amount of time, make a compromise with him and it will work out better for all three of you, you, him and the baby.

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