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Please no online translator sites. I prefer if you could actually speak spanish. Thanks for all your help!!!

y como te fue en el torneo?? ganaron?? gracias por preocuparte por el viaje yo tambien espero que sea seguro y tambien espero que nos podamos dar ese beso que tanto queremos, de echo creo que si lo pruebo nadie mas me va a sacar de esa boca hermosa
bueno basta
mas besos

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    July 24, 2011 at 8:29 am

    how was the tournament? did you win? thanks for your concern about the trip, i hope it’s safe too and i also hope that we can give each other that kiss that we want so much, actually i think that if i test it, nobody will ever take me away from that gorgeous mouth
    all right, that’s enough
    more kisses

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