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i just bought a little house thats really cute but had this hideous wall paneling that needed to come down. however when we began taking it down we noticed in some places it had been attached with one adhesive and in other places another. the glue in some places even pulled off some of what i think to be plaster. so i need help on how to fix the holes. it isnt very deep its the paint and then one 1/2 or so layer of what i believe to be plaster. theres soem fairly large holes and i need to know how to repair them. if anyone knows what im talking about and knows how to fix it id be very thankful.

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    August 14, 2011 at 3:15 am

    go to a home depot or lowes something like that, buy some drywall compound, it will be in a bucket and you probably dont need any more than 5 gallons to do what ur doing. you also need a 6 inch taping knife. just ask someone who works there if you cant find it.. ok all those little holes you have in your walls just put some compound on your knife and push it into the holes with your knife. make sure you wipe the excess compound off around the hole and wait for it to dry

    for bigger holes you may need to a wall patch kit also at lowes and follow the directions and get the big holes done. after all is dry, go back and smooth up all your patches with some sand paper. now you are ready for paint

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    bryjones 71
    August 14, 2011 at 3:37 am

    prime the holes with PVA especially if the plaster is loose and crumbly.. then poly filer, plaster or for the larger holes a light wait filler…when dry give it quick’ light sand down with 60 grit sand paper wrapped around a block of wood …job done!

    To decorate… mist coat the repairs and when dry, if needed fill any imperfections with a fine surface filler…lightly sand down with a 120 grit paper then paint…. job done!

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