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I been to his home. He collects and shares lots of information. I was wanting to share it with others because I find his work and understanding of our government amazing. Should I pay close attention to this guy and his work?

The Truth will set you Free. Step from deception to a new reality, empower yourself ! 13 Sept. 2008 6 pm Gold Dome Lions Club – Shoney’s Kanawha City

I am Ted Elden, Architect ret., Importer, Photographer, Writer, former member of national architectural organizations, importer, national & international sales. In business, I’ve sold across the US, and to many foreign countries. I’ve written 1/2 million letters and mailed to millions. I’m good with language, thinking, logic & computers. I’m both scientific & intuitive.

Nationally Published & awarded Poet, Photographer,
Graduate Colorado Outward Bounds Survival School
Carnegie Mellon University, Blair Academy Prep School, I read 300 books as HS Senior year, I acquired 400 books in recent months.
I’m reader ! I’m a member of Charleston Rotary and the prestigious Anvil Club with 3 college presidents, professors, lawyers, doctors.

I’m easy to reach or visit any time, near Top O Rock, Verizon- Univ. of Charleston. Name, contact, web at bottom.
I’ve published much of my research at and have tomes more at my studio.

I have found important things, that I’d not known in 50 years,
The news hides and confuses information.
Those with the best information, lead the best lives. Disraeli

You too can have a better life, if you get better information.

Much I’ve always feared, I faced.
I fortified myself with knowledge, then acted, I moved towards what I feared.
As I learned and acted, the fear and danger disappeared.

I’ve researched: 9-11, Income Tax, Suppressed Medical Discoveries,
I can give or show you excellent, clear, factual presentations by national professionals with witnesses, evidence, public records, court cases, Congressional Records. The information is startling to behold, but easy to verify.

You only need to consider things you have never seen. I work quickly with ideas, and am deeply skilled in verifying information. News is definitely not your best source of information. Local, contemporary news is usually more accurate than national edited news which was adapted for propaganda by the news owners to aid their interests. Large Global Corporations, like military industrial complex, & pharmaceuticals own and control news; TV, books & movies.

I speak publicly around the state to students and civic groups,
Our Truth Seekers, meets at Top O Rock monthly for 3+ years, first Sundays from 2-4 pm. Many stay late in the evening.
Some come from Huntington, Beckley & Wheeling.
Anyone may call me in advance to visit my library – 1000s of incredible documents, eBooks, movies.

I’m no one, I’m just a bridge to great people and knowledge that most will never see.

Most choose to do what is popular, accepted, profitable, personal – helping theirselves, their families, friends & associates.
Few have much regard for the community or the future.

In America, all is bought & sold, including information.
For a high price, important people and institutions have made persuasive presentations about incomplete information.

To win an argument or persuade someone, you list items that favor your perspective.
You ignore or hide information that favors a different conclusion.

We use to have 1,000s of owners of newspapers & TV, but FCC rules have changed.
9 corporations have bought up 95% of main stream media in America.
Sony, Disney, AOL/ Time Warner, Viacom, and others.
General Electric owns ABC/ NBC. They only repeat information that helps them.
They suppress or ignore information that would compromise their profit centers.
GE is major player in the military industrial complex.

The news teaches hate, war, conflict, to keep us subdued, yielding taxes and freedom to fight distant threats, which the elite create and exaggerate.

I thought government & legislators controlled our world. Wrong ! World wide 10,000 or so people, who own the banks, corporations, military industrial complex, pharmaceuticals, news, and the legislators, own the money, most corporations & assets and the main stream media. They are working together for their gain, our loss.
They create our world of information & perception, leading us to aid their increase in power and the lessening of our thought, freedom, wealth, health & safety. They are not working for our benefit.

To ignore this, hoping that our legislators, courts, President will help us is the great illusion. We have to think, realize what is on going and take positive action, writing letters, meeting & telling others, to Awaken a Sleeping (apathetic – hopeless) America.

What every you may have imagined or suspected, I can give or find for you hard evidence.
MK Ultra mind control is alive & well, workin

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    September 1, 2011 at 5:36 am

    He sounds a bit like a nut case. Anyone who would count the letters he has written and the books he has bought sound more crazy than knowledgeable.

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