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I share the same name as a parent. I checked my report, and my parents report some time ago, only to find that BOTH of our reports have BOTH of our soc. sec. numbers listed. I have tried to get this fixed, to no avail. My credit is not perfect, however, this parent has substantial student loan debt, and I wonder if that’s helping to tank my score (mid to high 600’s on 2 reports, low 500’s on another…crazy difference, I know), any way, I’m wondering if I can print up all my information, and documentation verifying this error, and get a new number from the SSA. I planned to call my local office, and go to them as well. I don’t care if my credible debt is transferred to this new number, I just need a break!!! It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even order a copy of my report, or my parent can’t order a copy of theirs without jumping through about 800 hoops! Has anyone had to deal with this before, and do you have any advice on how this can help? Im recently married, but have not yet changed my name, so I was hoping to talk to someone at the SSA, and if given a new number, officially change my name then. Also, I have a few identity theft items on my report, which I disputed a while back, and to no avail. Again…this is not an issue of obtaining new credit. I don’t give a damn what carries over to the new number, so long as its all MINE. This is very frustrating. Any and all advice would be a great help.

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    November 2, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Their should be a local office in your town that you can go to and get everything straightened out.

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