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In college, I had a rather new and inexperienced teacher (teaching her first class) for this one class (50 students) and she was also a mediocre lecturer; she rushed through the material really fast, so most students rated her as a mediocre teacher. However, she was the nicest teacher I’ve had in college and she helped me a great deal when she realized that I was trying my best and needed help with 3 weeks to go in the quarter. A day after grades were posted (Class set at a 3.0, I got a 3.4 during the first half of the quarter and during the last half I got a 4.0; ending with a 3.7), I attached a note with information that she wanted:


Thank you for your generous help this quarter. I truly appreciate your willingness to work with my extra credit assignment as well as your clear and detailed explanations to ever single one of my other concerns; In the end it was a direct reason for why I was able to improve and exceed my goal for this class!

Thanks again,

My Name

However, the end of the next quarter, about 2 months later, I was standing by the door of my classroom waiting for the class before mines to end when I made eye contact with my teacher walking by, and I looked away. I realized then that she was teaching the class right next to mines. The next day I saw her busy helping another student from her class in my classroom, but I didn’t interrupt and took my seat. A week later my teacher was in the halls helping another student and I didn’t interrupt and I walked, in the line of sight of my teacher, behind the student she was helping. The next week when I was holding the door open, I looked back and saw my teacher, who looked away. Two days later and the second to last day of the quarter my teacher and I were walking toward our respective classrooms from the opposite directions. I thought that she was going to turn into her classroom, but instead she walked to a nearby garbage can, threw something away, looked me dead in the eyes with a neutral face, when I was walking closer, before walking into her classroom without looking back. That was the last time I’d see her.

Now, 4 quarters later (10 months) I have a chance to take the intermediate leveled class with the same teacher, or take another section with a brand new teacher. Since I actually liked the class and now have more experience to what to expect I want to take it with the same teacher I have before, but I am hesitant because I feel that she might not like me in her class or that she has something against me, or I would make her nervous.

I handled being a student in the class perfectly. I didn’t grub for grades, was not disruptive, was respectful in class and when I asked for help, tried my very best, took the class seriously and ended up getting a good grade. I basically did nothing that a teacher would hate me for. However, because of what happened I am not sure anymore. What should I do?


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    November 2, 2011 at 8:06 am

    Are you concerned because of the apparent snubs on your part, those times when you could have acknowledged her presence and didn’t? Did you do this for a reason? Embarrassed about a possible sexual tension? Afraid of crossing a student – teacher line in college where the line exists but can be much thinner?

    If you were comfortable with her as an instructor and feel that perhaps she might even have improved, there is no reason not to take another course with her. As a matter of fact I would suggest that you even tell her that you enrolled because you enjoyed the first class you took with her.

    My only suggestion is that if she is still going too fast in the lectures, tell her. Teachers need this kind of feedback.

    While your social snubs may have hurt her feelings at the time, chances are that she was puzzled more than anything else. I doubt if there is any passion behind that hurt.

    You are in college to get an education, if you feel that this teacher offers you the best opportunity to learn, take the course. If you are worried that your previous behavior could affect your grade, then just man up and nod hello to her should you chance to see her in the halls.

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