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I bought a nice Mobile home in a nice quiet park. The former owner I found out from others who live near by, moved because of the guy in the mobile home next to the one he sold me. He said he was just selling it because he needed more space, but he was really selling because of Mr. Jerk next door..

From the time I moved in this guy has harassed me at every turn. He is older and doesn’t drive and seems to have nothing better to do. The 2nd day after I moved in, he conplained that my porch light was too bright and so I played the good neighbor and replaced it with a much dimmer one. 1 week later I was playing my acoustic guitar and he called the cops on me complaining it was too loud. The park rules state that a 8PM all noises off. At 7:58PM the cops showed up at my door. I was very nice to the officer and said I would shut it down at say 7PM despite the park rules.

The guy blares his rock music on his stereo at 8am everyday but I say nothing about it.

I’m sorry I mesed up. I guess I hit finsih too soon. Anyhow, I bought a Pickup truck and put a plate on the back to drive it home. When he seen it, and that there was no plate on the front, he called the cops hoping to get me ticketed but they just told me to park it till I could register it. I complained that this guy was harassing me and I was getting tired of it. I said to the officer that he doesn’t even try to work anything out with me, he just calls you. The cop said, I know, we have had allot of complaints from this guy, and complaints about him for his annoying calls. But we have to answer them, it’s our job.
That next night I was out in my truck dissconecting the battery as it would drain on it’s own if sitting more than 2 days connected, it was 9:30pm and he opens his window and says—I called the cops for you disturbing the peace you jacass and he quickly shut the window. I told him, one day the cops wont show up because your like the damn boy who cried wolf you jerk. I guess I was right because they never showed up. he continues to call the police for stupid little things on me, I had talked to the owner about it at the request of the police, and he said there was nothing he could do about it that if it was too much of a problem to just move. We I am not moving because of this jerk when I know he is in the wrong. I have even told him (My Neighbor) if he keeps it up I will sue him for harassment. My question is, should I sue this jerk for harassment?

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    phon18 p
    August 21, 2011 at 10:59 am

    mobile home neighbor there u go that answer your question…….

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    August 21, 2011 at 11:34 am

    There is nothing here that you could sue for. You suffered no financial harm because of him, and its not a civil wrong to be a jerk. The courts can’t order him to move.

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    August 21, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    i would move to another spot because this one will drive you crazy thats why you were sold the mobile home,i live in a home my neighbors are mad because of an incident my husband was using a back pack to blow grass clippings after mowing the funny thing when he was mowwing no complaint when the blower went on that is just as loud the cops came he said i really dont care but your neighbors complained i know who this was the girls that are the daughters are always drinking they probably had a hangover he only had to wait 2 minutes before he could put it back on at 9am i guess they changed the time for using the machine big deal people have miserable lives so they try to make yours that way too Good Luck with the neighbor from hell l!!!!!

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    August 21, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    WTH? You should be looking in the mirror to find the jerk.

    You can’t sue him, you are not suffering any loss.

    Treat him decently and your life will be better.

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