Should I quit or tough it out? ?

Okay.. this is kind of a complicated process… for you to fully understand this you’re going to have to hear the whole story..

First off I am only 16…..I have been home schooled my whole life, that is how I am able to juggle such an intense part time job all while trying to graduate this year (a year early).
Okay.. About two years ago (give or take) my mom was talking to a friend that was in need of an office custodian; my mom suggested me…I was not exactly thrilled about this, but my mom kept saying it’ll be good experience.
So, I took the job. I worked there for several months, when some family friends from our church (current employer) saw how consistent and reliable I was, how hard I work…things such as that. They offered me a job as the….I guess the correct title would have been office assistant…I did I little bit of everything… Both jobs being at minimum wage I preferred the office job over the cleaning! Now I have been working here for… about a year and a half… they have never given me a review. I have taken on a lot of responsibility, I have become the Assistant Account, Receptionist, HR Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Custodian for this job as well… then doing all the miscellaneous tasks such as packages to give to our Sub-contractors, warranty/completion packages, filing, home owner welcome packages, organizing all the binders/cupboards/filing cabinets. And the owner of the business has even demanded that I come to her house and clean it during hours for a minimum pay because “she’d rather pay me for the cheap rate then pay the professional $ 65 every time she comes in”. She has said many remarks such as that, one time she actually said that she would rather hire multiple teen workers even if they’re just slackers at $ 5.25 an hour (minimum wage is $ 7.95 here) that hire somebody good she’ll have to pay a lot.
My supervisor has requested a raise for me, my father (he is basically one step under the owner) has requested a raise. He said that I cannot ask them myself, it needs to come from my supervisor…which has already happened. And to make things worse, I was thrown into all of these tasks with little to no training.. I just had to figure it out.

Okay… I think that has basically covered everything (sorry about it being so long..)… I guess my question is, should I quit? I mean, I am 16 and although I do have some great experience, I am young, I don’t yet have my high school diploma, not to be overly self-confident or anything but I am a great worker. I am efficient, I am honest, I am focused, I am responsible…I don’t slack off, I have only taken two sick days in my life from work!

What should I do? I am confused.


P.s. I want to work in a bank when I am able (old enough and such…).
Okay.. thanks you guys.

6 thoughts on “Should I quit or tough it out? ?

  1. the_beautiful_poet says:

    well have you heard yet that you have a raise or not? if you hear that you dont or its been a while, id quit. clearly she doesn’t appreciate you and everything you do, and adding more workload to you without compensating to match is unfair. i’d quit if you don’t get the raise. i’d talk to your dad too though. see what he says. you are only 16 so there will be more jobs.

  2. Try to stick it out as long as you can. Keep the people happy so they will give you an excellent referral when you goto get another job someday.

    Bob Parson at says:

    When you’re ready to quit, you’re closer than you think.
    There’s an old Chinese saying that I just love, and I believe it is so true. It goes like this: “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.”

    Hang in there it will work out.

  3. I would tough it out for now, but formulate your plan of action.

    This has been good experience. You have obviously proven that you are a hard worker and you have show responsibility, which is why they have given you more and more tasks.

    If I were in your shoes, I would start looking for a new job. There are plenty of jobs out there for an administrative assistant, especially if you have a bit of experience in bookkeeping/helping the accountants. The fact that you are under 18 may make it tougher to find a job, but don’t let it stop you from trying.

    Write your resume, and start applying for any and all jobs that interest you. When you get an offer for another job, you can decide what to do. You could just take the new job and quit the old one, or you could go to your current employer and tell them that if they don’t give you a raise, you’re leaving. Once you have the other offer, you basically bargan with both employers to get the best job. Keep in mind that factors such as how happy you will be at work, and how this experience will help with your next job are just as important as the pay.

  4. I would tell them if you don’t get the raise you will quit. Just to let you know you can work at a bank under the age of 18. Go ahead an apply. You will have to start as a teller but can work your way up, that is what I did at the age of 16. Now I am a Personal banker, loan officer and Investment rep. Good Luck.

  5. ButterflyKisses08 says:

    As awful as it seems, I think the experience you’re gaining is paying for itself more than the money. You’re learning so much that will get you ahead when you finally do get away from the people that are taking advantage of you.
    Keep looking for something else, but don’t leave this current job until you have something else lined up 🙂

  6. koreysocool says:

    Ask yourself:
    What are my strengths?
    What do I love to do?
    What am I passionate about?
    What would I do tirelessly all day long just because I love to do it?
    Look within yourself and ask this question.
    When the answer comes …listen to it
    Follow your heart and you will never go wrong
    Listen to yourself first.
    If no answer comes right away…interview people who know you best and ask them.. What are my strengths?…What do you love about me?

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