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My lease is up on my 2007 scion tc on Oct. 21. I am over in my mileage. At 15 cents/mile I would owe $ 1700. I would also have to buy used tires before I turned it in. If I buy it out, I’d need to purchase new snow tires before winter. My buyout is $ 9776. I have 47,333 miles on the car, and it is in very good condition. It has been in a couple minor accidents, but all needed repairs were made. My gut tells me I’m better off buying out the vehicle & keeping it a year or so. I have read the TC is among the top 10 vehicles that hold their value. Kelly Blue Book values it between $ 12,000-$ 14,000. I’d have to take out a loan. My parents would cosign, and they have excellent credit. My current lease payment is $ 279/mo. & I’d like to keep my buyout payment around that amount. I like driving the car and it has been very reliable. Should I buy the lease out?

2 Thoughts on Should I Buyout My Lease or Turn in My 2007 Scion TC?
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    July 24, 2011 at 4:38 am

    I think it’s a no brainer…keep the TC. You like the car, it’s been reliable, and there is no way in heck that you could get an equivalent car for the money.

    Take the $ 1700 that you would pay for the mileage, reduce the financed amount to $ 8500 and pay for 36 months, and your payment should be about $ 275.

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    July 24, 2011 at 5:21 am

    I’d keep it. You like it. its been realible and hasn’t broken down. And yes Scion tC keep their value very well. I have a scion tC and I love it. If I had a choice to buy it again I would in a heartbeat.

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