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One of my cats tipped over his water and my roommate chased him into my room. I had a stiletto boot that had the heel break partway off lying on the floor. She stepped on it and sliced her foot open.

There is a gash/flap of skin about 3/4 inches wide, 1.25 inches long, that goes maybe 1/4 of an inch deep. I poured peroxide over it, wiped it with a CVS pharmacy brand antibiotic gel, and wrapped it in gauze. The flap of skin is kind of melded over where it should be. I plan on cleaning it a few times a day.

She only lost maybe a tablespoon of blood, but initially said she felt faint from the pain, which she described as intense and burning.

Did I do everything right? Does it sound like she needs stitches? Is it ok to continue to do the home first aid thing? Or is it recommended that she goes to a doctor? She can’t walk on it.

Also I bought her liquor to help her deal with the pain. Is that ok??

Thanks so much for your help!

Thanks for the help! She ironically got a tetanus shot last week. The wound has been darkening and now appears to have a black spot in the middle. The flap of skin adhered back to her foot and cannot be peeled off anymore. Not sure exactly how deep it is – probably not fully 1/4 inch, maybe 1/8 inch.

I tried to convince her to go to the ER, but she would rather go to the doctor – she has scheduled n appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I hope nothing goes wrong before then…should we be concerned about the wound darkening?

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    Tom Dickas
    July 10, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    With a wound that deep, she should of been taken to the emergency room and got stitches.

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    July 10, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    If the wound is truly 1/4″ deep, it will need suturing particularly since it is on the foot which receives a great deal of pressure and movement, two forces that will disturb the wound if it isn’t purposefully closed.
    I’m certain your roommate knows the injury was an accident and appreciates your efforts. If she doesn’t have insurance, her doctor’s office may be able to take care of evaluating and suturing the wound rather than going to the Emergency Room.

    Hope she feels better very soon!

    **She should also check to see if her Tetanus is up to date- shoes/boots are dirty!

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