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We currently own a two seater truck (older truck, no real trade in value) and are still financing a 4 door truck. We already have 2 kids and I am due with a third in 3 weeks. We have to have another vehicle. My husbands credit is not that great, I have amazing credit. We are refinancing our home (probably closing in mid October). My question is, can we go and purchase a new (used) vehicle on the day we refinance and my credit will not show the loan for the home for a brief period? We are more than capable of paying for the two car payments and the mortgage, but due to circumstances, we have to use my credit only and I don’t think I will be approved for the vehicle I already have, the mortgage and another vehicle loan. We also can’t wait until after we refinance due to the fact that I will be on unpaid maternity leave and will therefore technically have no income. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!
Yes, if one of us lost our job, we would still be able to cover 2 vehicles and a home and all bills. We pay a very large amount extra on all our loans to pay them off quicker, so if need be, we would be able to just pay what was required of us to make it until we found another job. Plus we have money in savings.

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