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I’m really stressing out and worried about moving out. I basically figured out according to this that I would need to make at least $ 4,000 dollars a month (( CAR PAYMENT IS TAKEN CARE OF, DONE WITH THAT.)) Which basically means I need to find a job that pays me at least $ 24 dollars an hour pretty much right? I was going to try and move with my boyfriend in a year or two. But I always like making a plan as if he’s not working or something in case he looses his job right now. I doubt he will. but there’s always a possibility. Does this look accurate? Do I truelly need to make at least $ 4,000 a month to live like in an apartment/condo or house for rent or something?

~Rent $ 1,000
~Electric (E.O.M)/Air conditioning: $ 150
~Water/ Waste Water: $ 100
~Heat: $ 150
Garbage Stickers ($ 20 a week): $ 80
Cable: $ 40
~Internet: $ 50
*House phone: $ 60 ((TRY TO AVOID?))
Cell phone bill (2phones) $ 130
Gas (1 car) ($ 60 per week) $ 240
~Food: ($ 150 per week) $ 600
*Emergency Money: $ 100
*Car Emergency: $ 100
Entertainment (Going out, games, etc) $ 200
*Extra(Shampoo,toothbrushes,laundry) $ 100
Clothes( $ 50 per month/per person) $ 100
Health Insurance: $ 300
Car Insurance: $ 250
Holidays/Gifts/EXTRAS– $ 100

~~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~ TOTAL: $ 3,875 ((Earn about $ 1,000 per week ((Total= $ 4,000 ))((Per person/per week=$ 500))

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    October 25, 2011 at 3:39 am

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    October 25, 2011 at 4:03 am

    so why do you need to be earning $ 1000 a week? if theres two of you don’t you just need $ 500 each? like $ 12.50 an hour, too easy.

    don’t sweat the small stuff. if he probably isnt going to lose his job, then you don’t need to worry and plan and fret about it happening. what if your mothers house burnt down and your parents lost their jobs and they had to move in with you? would you be able to afford that? probably not, but its not something you need to worry about

    as far as expenses go, there seem to be a lot of unnecessary ones and extras. if your boyfriend lost his job and you guys couldn’t afford to eat, you could probably get rid of internet, house phone, entertainment, maybe half the extras, new clothes, and the holidays/gifts section. then the number would be way lower.

    plus, i don’t think you need to budget for $ 200 emergency money each month. yes, you will have emergencies, but car emergency = covered by insurance. yes you would have to pay an excess, but if you have an emergency its probably going to cost way more than $ 200 in one go and you probably won’t spend an average of that every month so if you just saved the $ 125 leftover from the $ 4000 plus the $ 200 from emergencies you would probably have enough saved in your bank account for an expense

    if other people can live on less than that, so can you. try budgeting again 🙂

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    aquí y allá
    October 25, 2011 at 4:07 am

    cable and internet are luxuries, not needs. go to library to use internet.

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