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I am 22 years old. I graduated high school class of 06 midland michigan. im 6 foot 3. slim and slender body type. as far as i know, in great healthy condition. No criminal record. never been to join. no MIP’s nothing.

Been out of high school for about four years now and i’ve done alot of growing up since then. Now im at a point in my life where im not thinking about tonight or tomorrow. im thinking about 10 years from now. what i want out of life. this has been the topic on my mind for the past couple years and i decided six months ago i wanted to join the millitary. Ive never given anything as much thought as this and ive decided that the uscg is the place for me. now and in the future.

i have some concerns:

I messed up my credit really bad when i was younger. will that affect me now? the debt is history and any debt i have now is around 1000$ when added together. my credit score tho. isnt where i want it to be.
being young and stupid!

ive been studying really hard to make sure i get a 99 on the asvab. if i dont i will be really dissapointed in my self. what score is the minimal. i know they say 45 – 50 but its the Coast Guard. it could be 85 for all i know?

also ive smoked pot a couple times in my high school go crazy days. which i know isnt a problem now cause i dont do that crap. but if im asked have i ever. if i say yes will i be told i cant join? everyone and there grandma has tryed it at some point when they where growing up.

what should i score on the asvab if i want to go in to aviation?
what is the best way to get a hold of a reqruiter if he hasnt returned your phone calls or emails?

My uncle was awarded the Coast Guard Medal for heroism, should i mention that to the reqruiter?

I dont see my self in a cubical or working a dead end job in life. im thinking about the coast guard as a carrer, what do you think of that?

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    October 29, 2011 at 2:33 am

    It sounds like you may well be a good candidate!

    Your past credit problems will only need a mention – we don’t care about your credit score – just your outstanding debt (and any past-due amounts… which you said were zero).

    MINIMUM ASVAB, unless things have changed in the last few weeks, is 45, but your actual qualification for specific ratings will depend upon how you did on each part of the ASVAB. It’s possible to score a 50 and still not qualify for ANY ratings! For specifics on getting into Aviation ratings, you’d have to ask a recruiter. There is one in my contacts, named USCG_Recruiter – look him up and drop him an e-mail. He’ll be glad to help you out!

    What your uncle did is outstanding, however, it won’t help you a lick to get into the Coast Guard.

    And I think the Coast Guard is a great way of avoiding the cubicle farm for a career. It’s worked well for me!!

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    October 29, 2011 at 3:12 am

    Call again.

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