Year end card closings..

Year end card closings..Year end card closings..
alinagreiitame asked 4 years ago

So my year end card pruning has begun..  Many of you know I don’t keep cards just to keep them or for utilization as that isn’t an issue.. So with that said I cancelled my HHonors Amex card that was 6 months old…  Only a 2k CL on it, but my Delta hit 12 months as of a few days ago… So before the AF hits I will be converting the Delta to a HHonors no AF card or at least that is my plan as the Delta is backdated to 1990 and the HHonors was not, thus the reason of which card I cancelled a bit of logic to my madnessSmiley Happy


Now I am trying to find 1 or 2 more cards to get rid of… I am thinking of dumping the Wayfair card as well as this is my only store card obtained WITHOUT a HP, but not quite sure about that.. Would also like to get rid of possibly one more major CC before the end of the year.. My Signature doesn’t have every card I have, just the main players I use more often.  I want to keep my personal credit < 150k preferred < 140k for future approvals late next year Smiley Happy.


So will update this thread as I decide on additional cards to prune and Total rewards unless they give me an APR reduction might be the next one to get the Axe..  Nice CL, but not a practical card really as my profile has continued to grow.

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