WOW Citi Fico

WOW Citi FicoWOW Citi Fico
Ernestacoub asked 5 years ago

I mean I have been excited to see partners score a 796 through denial letters with Amex but upon checking his Citi I see this:


Your FICO® Score is 820
as of 04/21/2015
Congratulations – You have an exceptional FICO® Score.
Funny he was denied State Farm Business Card and we are having issues getting a Bank Of America Business Card! oh and currently reconning a denial for a business blue amex… Fico and banks are so weird… I seem to have better luck reconning apps with ALL my inq’s and new accounts but someone like him up in the 800 has 6-8 new accounts and the banks FREAK!
I don’t get the thinking that someone with an 800 shouldn’t be applying for credit because they make a lot of money… they are the ones that keep changing to different reward programs and don’t allow product changes!!
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