Working on my MOMs credit, few questions

Working on my MOMs credit, few questionsWorking on my MOMs credit, few questions
KiffEmpappy asked 5 years ago

So I have been on these forums for few months and went from being declined everywhere for credit cards, got two secured cards 7-8 months ago with CLs of 1K, $ 200 & $ 300. Did what i was suppose to and was finally able to get approved 3 unsecured cards with CL of $ 5300 combined, my score in November 2014 was 544 and right now its at 647EX 647EQ 671TU



Now I decided that I should help my parents out too since their credit is pretty bad, looked my dads and I really dont think I should even bother with him, way too many badies lol But my moms score looks promising and it could defiantly be fixed.


Her score is 635EX

Late Payment 1

Time since late 6.5 years ago

Collections account 1

AAoA 9.2 years

No inquiry

No revolving debt


Two accounts on file:

One is Union Savings Bank (Mortgage account – in good standing no lates)

And the other being the collection account by Choice Recovery with balance of $ 190 which I can pay in full but I decided to call them today and asked to do Pay for delete but the rep declined. Should I sent just send them a pfd letter and hope i might get difference responce?


Also got her Cap1 Platinum & QS1 with CL of $ 300 for each card 2 days ago. Surprising Cap1 only gave $ 300 CL.

What else can I do to get her score up?

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