Will We Qualify?

Will We Qualify?Will We Qualify?
Priscilla Osgood asked 5 years ago

Hi all, my BF and I want to buy a home on Florida’s West Coast. We are looking in the Crystal River area. My scores are 688, 697, 702. Utilization was high on 2 cards last Month but that since has been paid. I think those numbers will go up a bit when those cards report again. His Credit Karma score is 739, but thats all I know for now.


I have been employed with same employer 10.5 years and Gross 50,000. He has been employed same employer 3 years and makes 40,000.


Our current home is paid in full. We want to buy a fixer upper and stay in currrent home for a couple of years while we work on the new one. We are looking in the 70,000 range.


Reserve funds are around 30,000;


ok, any thoughts if we will qualify? Where is the best place to start?

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