Will scores increase or decrease?

Will scores increase or decrease?Will scores increase or decrease?
BorisDom asked 5 years ago

Wondering what my chances are here..

Started out with a boat load of baddies, called TU & EX and was able to have EE done on most of them.. Only 2-3 small baddies left depending

went on a mini app spree becuase currently only have 2 secured cards reporting

Approved for 2 store cards.. Then read somewhere store cards aren’t counted the same.. So applied for two unsecured cap1 cards and was approved… But was also denied a few times in between..

scores updated today and it seems most inquiry’s hit and still had +6 on EQ +11 TU & +26 on EX

Will all the new cards reporting as well paying way down on the 2 secured cards jump me or drop me?

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