Will i Qualify. Pls Advice.

Will i Qualify. Pls Advice.Will i Qualify. Pls Advice.
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

Hi… Iam going to apply for mortgage with in 4 months. House price 500 to 515 k. Going for conventional 20 percent down. My fico scores 8 are equifax 773 experian 778 transunion 780. Iam making 113000 per year and 8 years same employer. No credit card debt… exept 1500 to 2000. monthly expenses. Total credit limt is 240k. 2 auto loans 8k and 17k… paying 380 for both No badies on files. Everything clean. oldest card 8 years. Will i get best interest rates. iam from TN. pls help.

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