Will I qualify for usda guaranteed?

Will I qualify for usda guaranteed?Will I qualify for usda guaranteed?
eeyowidoego asked 5 years ago

Equifax Mortgage score – 543

TU Mortgage score – 621

EXP Mortgage score – 613


Planning on secured card limit $ 300 within a week and utilizing 5%.

2 vehicle loans both opened May 2015 no payments missed.



3 open collections – T-Mobile $ 1,748 opened May 2015, Flagstar Bank $ 564 opened July 2009, and Progressive insurance $ 258 opened March 2014 

1 CO (repo) $ 7,738 opened August 2010

1 Missed payment account (last missed was 60 day late from February 2014) -Will be deleted

Tax lein (paid completely) from November 2014

3-4 medical collections


I’m planning on a PFD for all open collections, late payment account being deleted completely, and secured card boosting me over the 640 before starting the USDA process hopefully in November. Question will be on the open lines of credit being all under 12 mths old when score gets to 640.


All other requirements are met, question is only with the credit.


Let me know if more info is needed.



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