Why has my TU score dropped 70 points?

Why has my TU score dropped 70 points?Why has my TU score dropped 70 points?
richeventtver asked 4 years ago

On 3/11 my TU score was 703.  Since then a few changes have happened on my report.  I will try to give as many data points as possible.


Around mid February I traded in my car.  My inquiries went from 8 to 18 after the dealers shopped my credit everywhere.  Against my wishes but anyway…

As stated before on 3/11 the score was 703. 

3/17 my Stash card was added to the file with an 8k limit. Score dropped to 686.

3/19 Cap 1 cli from $ 500-$ 1500

3/20 notification of total balance of all bankcard accounts being $ 92, down from $ 284 last month.  Score dropped to 666.

3/25 all retail trade lines $ 1,149 down from $ 1,239.  Drop from 666 to 634.


On 3/16 my auto loan showed as paid on the EQ report but no alert as of yet on TU.  I’m guessing this is part of the reason for the drop?  I had the loan for 3 years.  New loan hasn’t posted on any report yet. 


All of my accounts are at 10% or less as far as utilization goes.  So, I am kind of concerned as to why my score is dropping so rapidly.  I haven’t had any negative alerts but it keeps dropping.  Thoughts???

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