Why All The Hate Towards Secured Cards?

Why All The Hate Towards Secured Cards?Why All The Hate Towards Secured Cards?
richeventtver asked 4 years ago

I don’t understand the hate towards secured CC’s.  I see people all the time who can’t get unsecured cards, saying they don’t want a secured card.  Why?  If your rebuilding, or just starting out, or trying to get in with a bank, what is the problem?  If your in an open bankruptcy, like a chapter 13, secured cards are even hard to get.  Capital One denied me a secured card because my 13 is open.  I went with Discover and OpenSky.  Both good cards, fee wise, and the Discover can graduate to unsecured in time.  Anyways, just a few thoughts I had after seeing so many people bad mouth secured cards, they are much better than Credit One or Premier, imho.

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