Who Owns My Debt Now?

Who Owns My Debt Now?Who Owns My Debt Now?
ilbon777 asked 5 years ago

I had a bank account with 5/3 Bank that was closed due to overdraft fees. I recently got a collection letter from a company called Atlantic Recovery Solutions that is trying to collect this debt for the supposed current creditor Dnf Associates Llc. When I contacted 5/3 they said they sold the debt to TMT Management. It appears that TMT Management went out of business because the phone number 5/3 provided me for them is out of order and I sent a letter to them that they never responded to, and I’ve read about others getting no response from them either.

On my ChexSystems report, it shows TMT Management but not Dnf or Atlantic Recovery. This debt doesn’t show on my credit report. How do I know if Dnf actually owns this debt? I would like to pay this debt before it shows on my credit report but I don’t want to pay the wrong company. Any advice?

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