Who Do I Pay, PRA or Amazon Charge Off?

Who Do I Pay, PRA or Amazon Charge Off?Who Do I Pay, PRA or Amazon Charge Off?
RichEventNN asked 4 years ago

Hello Everyone,


I am currently dealing with one of my two charge off’s and wanted to know how to address this because this one is reporting from both the CA and CO.


Amazon, the CO, is on all three agencies saying closed sold charge off amount 612$ , however, Portfolio Recovery only shows up on my Transunion and it states over 1200$ when I know they probably bought it for less than the final balance from Amazon.


My questions are:


1. Has anyone done a PFD with Amazon or think that it is possible? I am afraid they may see PRA has it and refuse.

2. If I can get Amazon to PFD and recall from PRA how do I get PRA to come off TransUnion, the only CRA they are reporting to; PRA seems not to be opened to GW?

3. Or do you suggest I pay PRA as they only show on one CRA while Amazon is showing up on all 3 CRA, while PRA shows the debt being twice the amount. I thought CA get debt for less than.

4. Should I do a DV before trying to PFD either, as I am not even sure of the total. This debt is from 2013.




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