Which Comes First…Barclay CLI or New Account?

Which Comes First…Barclay CLI or New Account?Which Comes First…Barclay CLI or New Account?
eeyowidoego asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone.  Looking for some advice this evening regarding Barcay–  I have two card with them–The Rewards Card and the Apple Rewards Card.  Apple was just “upgraded” from the regular Apple Financing.  I activated the new Apple card yesterday.  I have had the cards a little over a year and just about two years, respectively.


My question is this:  I wan to requst a CLI on the Apple card and also want to apply for the World Elite card. Which would be more advantageous doing first?  Requesting a CLI then apping for the World Card or vice-versa?  Or does it matter?  And is requesting a CLI by phone better, in your opinions, to do by phone or online?  I was thinking of doing them both in the same day, to maybe get hit only with one HP?  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

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