Where do I even start?

Where do I even start?Where do I even start?
BorisDom asked 5 years ago

I used to have great credit when I was younger but a series of unfortunate events as well as an irresponsible husband has trashed my credit. I take my share of the blame because I didn’t really check in to the bills and what not. So I am on the road to recovery financially. 


My my credit score is 540. 


I have 5 items in collections. They are mostly medical bills. I didn’t know of two of them. 

Radiology for $ 158 (did not know about this bill)

Emergency Physicians $ 57 (did not know about this one either)

Qwest internet $ 204 (this was for a friend)

Hospital $ 3533

Emergency Physicians $ 1283



I have several credit cards-

A total amount $ 6902 used out of $ 7620 for a 91% utilization rate. That is according to credit Karma


BofA owe about $ 2200 Maxed Out

Capital One- Owe about $ 1000 Maxed out

CitiCard- Owe about 1800 Maxed Out

Victoria Secret Owe about $ 1900 Maxed Out

Capital One-  I just paid this one off $ 0 owed $ 500 available

Capital One-  I just paid this one off $ 0 owed $ 300 available



Two auto loans

$ 2000 on 2006 Hyundai Elantra with 119,000 miles on it. We paid it off but got another loan on it a couple years ago. The payments are $ 224 a month 7% interest. 

$ 11300 on a 2006 Ford Freestyle with 118,000 miles on it. We are so upside down on this vehicle. The payments are $ 350 a month and has 43 months left.   My husband totaled the car we had that was paid off and we needed a bigger vehicle with the new baby so we took the first thing we could. We bought it in 2011. We can’t refinance because he paid it late multiple times and it is at 14%



Mortgage about $ 1000 a month. 


I am am currently working overtime for the next couple months in an attempt to fix our debit situation. My husband pays for all household bills and cars. I pay for gas for cars, car insurance, and groceries, toiletries. 



I have have an extra $ 1000 per payday after all my obligations are met. I just need to buckle down as I indulge my husbands frivolous wants frequently. 



Any advice on where to start?  Thank you!





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