Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?Where do I begin?
Mjuterbof asked 5 years ago

I’m in the process of starting the rebuild. First, all of my scores are in the 550 range. I have about 5 collections that have been charged off, paid, paid in full, that are expected to all fall off next year. Not bad. However I have 3 current collections that are unpaid. One from Time Warner, one from Ambit Energy, and one from the apartment complex I loved in. All of these arose when I was not working and could find work. The larges one is 2,000 and the smallest with the utility company Ambit is for 270 or so. So what should I do, write them and ask for pay for delete, pay all in full and have nothing, or try to negotiate? There is no need I see in asking for validation as I know all 3 are valid debts I have. Any advice or input is needed as I would love to one day have my credit into the 700 range. I currently have 1 credit card with Kay jeweler a balance of 1100 or so with a 1600 credit limit and one with American Airlines with a balance of 700 with limit of 1000. I plan to pay both off in the next two months. I also plan to open a secured card with Navy Fed as I hear it’s amazing, graduates, and is good for building credit. Sorry for the rambling.

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